Helping you to feel better as quickly as possible

  • Do you need effective practical help?
  • Are you stressed, depressed or just plain angry?
  • Struggling with sleep, motivation, focus or overwhelm?

When life gets complicated, and things need to change

"My life & well-being has improved drastically from our sessions and I will be able to continue to implement what I have learnt, moving forward as a confident individual. Thank you again!"

People come to see me when they want help with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, fear, panic, anger, trauma, loss and addiction.

Have you:

  • Ignored the problem and suddenly it has reached a tipping point?
  • Tried lots of other avenues and still find yourself stuck?
  • Talked, or thought endlessly about it, and don't know how to make things better?

If this sounds like you, I'd like to help, so please call or message me.

I help people make real lasting change.

Providing psychotherapy services online across the UK and face-to-face in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.