Moving Forward to a Brighter Future


I am currently working online. Please see FAQ for further information about how an online session works or ring, text or email me for more information.

"My life & well-being has improved drastically from our sessions and I will be able to continue to implement what I have learnt, moving forward as a confident individual. Thank you again!"

  • Do you need effective, practical help now
  • Your health, family, work, education and relationships
  • When life gets complicated and things need to change

People come to see me when they want help with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, trauma (including birth trauma), distress, bullying, addiction, eating disorders and relationships.

This therapy endeavours to help you feel better as quickly as possible

Have you:

  • Ignored the problem and suddenly it has reached a tipping point?
  • Got a sense that things aren't right and want to nip it in the bud?
  • Tried lots of other avenues and still find yourself stuck?
  • Talked or thought endlessly about it?
  • Become worn out and fed up?
  • Tried a variety of medications?
  • Seen different professionals?
  • And yet haven't made the progress you want?

If this sounds like you, I'd like to help. 

I have experience with helping people make real lasting changes in their life. I use outcome measures to show progress.


Take that first step to feeling better

Contact me, by phone, text or email.

07742 243858 or ContactMe@AmandaJohns.co.uk

Maidenhead, Berkshire